Sunday, 21 July 2013


Hello People,
How have y'all been?
Sorry for the long break in transmission. A babe gats to do some underground work. LOL!!!!!!
Okay, lately sooooooooo many things have been happening,  child-marraige law, ASUU WAHALA, etc.. and am soooo sure that some people are getting tensed already, thinking about the future and what it would hold for them. Well I read up something by Joseph Prince. He's a Pastor. and also a mentor. Honestly, I gained something from it and i decided to share though, I edited some things and am sure you'd be enriched. Please read and share, also add your comments because someone might just read it and be encouraged. Thanks alot......



           When we watch documentaries or read news reports about a certain topic or problem, you'll realize that often no real solution is actually offered. The program or report will give you both the good and the bad in order to be objective, balanced and fair. So you'll find that you don't really gain anything, just more knowledge of what's good and what's evil regarding the topic.
I am not against watching documentaries or reading the news, but the problem with feeding your mind and soul with the knowledge of good and evil is that often than not, with the greater knowledge of a topic, you also become more confused, worried or fearful.
         My advice to you is to spend your time feeding on JESUS (who is the tree of LIFE) and feeding on what He says as regards that situation, not the economy, When you feed on HIM through HIS WORD, you will find HIS WISDOM, UNDERSTANDING, PEACE, JOY and UNMERITED FAVOUR  flowing in your life. and if you want to watch T.V or read the newspaper, be selective. Guard what comes through your eye and ear gates, E.g, if a certain program is putting fear in you, turn it off. The book of Proverbs, which is check-full of GOD's Wisdom tells us "MY SON, GIVE ATTENTION TO MY WORDS, INCLINE YOUR EARS TO MY SAYINGS, DO NOT LET THEM  DEPART FROM YOUR EYES, KEEP THEM IN THE MIDST OF YOUR HEART, FOR THEY ARE LIFE TO THOSE WHO FIND THEM, AND HEALTH TO ALL THEIR FLESH".

So tune in to what Jesus is saying and not what the world is saying. Feed on His Words of Life, His Love, Grace towards you, and the result will be Life, Wisdom, Peace, and Health. Honestly i know you might think am outta my mind, i know it takes courage to do this, but lean on His ever abundant Grace, its always available and sufficient. I too need this, because seriously, the kinda things i hear these days ehn, my people no be small something oooooo!!! I know there is A God.

Have a great week!!!!!!!! 



Wednesday, 19 June 2013


How has your week been sooo far. Well, you might say stressful, tasking, challenging, awesome, boring *hands on chin*;Well , it does not matter how it has started but I am certain that the end shall be better than the beginning. My Naija people I dey hail ooo, no wori GOD dey. Like Omawumi would say "Jeje laiye"
Okay, let's get started. I actually wrote this article in my Blog Diary say 2 weeks ago but I've been toooo tied up to publish it. Please pardon me.

   June 8th, is celebrated worldwide as "WORLD'S BEST FRIENDS DAY". Honestly, I never knew it existed but my question is: Do we actually celebrate our friends? There is a sentence I love sooo much, it goes thus; "YOU ARE WHO YOU ARE FIVE YEARS AGO EXCEPT FOR THE PEOPLE YOU MEET AND THE BOOKS YOU READ". This is self explanatory abii?. Okay let me break it down; this sentence shows that who we are currently is as a result of the people we meet and the kind of books we read. Now, I'd focus on the People part,the Friend part. Everyday, we met different people: types, shapes etc, with different personalities sooo different from ours and we are the ones who decide how far we get with each one of them. We make some our close friend and others we keep at "arms length", that's okay, but sincerely: What are our real motives of making friends? Are we after benefits or making impact and helping each other? One thing I've learnt in this life is that Friends are meant to complement each other, encourage one another, stay true and defend each others cause. Now, when we make friends based on benefits, what happens when the benefit(s) gets sour and expires? Honestly, We tend to get resentful towards the individual and we pretend to like,when we don't. Yes, we argue, we don't agree on some issues, friends can be annoying joor, too much wahala biko, especially ladies, yes!!!! But that's where complementing comes into place, covering up for that fault and believing for a change of attitude for that friend. Also, its not very nice when we impose our ideas on others and feel they should just accept it, its not so when we feel its only what we say and want that would stand or that would happen. In friendship, I've learnt that being self centered does not help, but being people oriented does. Honestly, I love all my friends because they are all useful to me in one way or the other and I to them.
When last did we actually appreciate that friend truly from our hearts. Some friends stick soo close. Now, let's take ourselves down the memory lane, say 5 years ago, those people that helped us, encouraged us, stood by us, those people who we feel don't matter because "they are not in our level per say" but have actually helped and appreciate them. How often do we say a word of prayer to God on their behalf?. I strongly believe that there is nobody who we don't need in this life tho some are closer than others; each has a purpose in our lives. 
So today, I appreciate all my great friends: ESTHER ORDIA, IFY NNABUIHE, ILOBEKEWEKE, ONOSE, AYOMIDE (great guy) SAMUEL VICTOR, EKEBO, NENYE, EZEAMS (who actually jingered me to learn how to cook), MAICO (my lovely japanese friend), SIVE MANKALA, Pst BOB, EDOWAYE, LEVI, ESIVUEKERRY, DEBBY OSOLASE, Dr. IJ, OSITA, Uncle Brother GBENGA, Anty FRANCA,........ Too numerous honestly: NWAMY, PORNWA n ZEEANYAOHA (my blog inspirators;great bloggers)... Can't remember all the names ooooo!!! Wahala waa!!!: My lovely siblinds (DINMA, EMEKA OG n TOBE), My Cousins (ADA, KC, CHIJIOKE, ADANNA, ARTIE, IHEANYI etc), GRACE FAMILY MEMBERS of LFC Uselu and my lovely readers.
So today, everyday, SPEAK UP!!!!! You can think the world of others, but if you never actually tell them, the you don't really help them. Appreciate your friends, no matter what they have done to hurt you, remember no one is above mistakes, move on and thank them for the goodones they have done instead of dwelling on the bad ones.

I appreciate y'all

God Loves y'all


Monday, 3 June 2013


Hello Great People..........
Yeah I know I have been very lazy lately, sorry about that, I've been trying to make this work for us all... I promise to be up and doing. LOL.....

Now lets get down to the order of the day. Lately I've been sooooooooo worried about some issues in my life,issues that are not supposed to bother me per say and just last week I was led to do this.

I dated back to this particular day in the month of November, 2012 as I prepared for a Leadership Summit held by Daystar Church in Ikeja, Lagos. I hurriedly left the house without proper make-up,without food yeah,a little angry (can't say why ooooo!!!! LOL ). I finally got to Oshodi, Lagos and I decided to wait for my friend, Esther (who actually was the reason I left house early). As I waited for her around a buka (FOOD COURT)  and I (dunno why I chose a buka of all places to wait for her forgetting that I had an empty tummy), I decided to take charge of my environment like I always do. I observed things; the woman selling the food, her competitors, her fellow neighbours selling different things like recharge-vouchers,fruits,newspapers,etc and that was when I saw it....... YESSSSS!!!!!!!!! The Joy and Happiness they derived in doing what they were doing; (tho literally they hoped for a change) but for that moment God led me to see something beautiful about it. The woman who is a native of Akwa-Ibom, had a pretty daughter who helped with the plates. They both entertained customers with jokes and stories, and for that  moment they were not worried about anything. I laughed hard at their jokes and smiled at their stories and all this while I forgot what brought me there initially, I also noticed that the  man sitting opposite me was staring widely and i could read his thoughts "Wetin dis fyn geh dey do 4 here?'' "Abi she wan chop?'' "Maybe she na makerter with one bank ooo?'' ''Abeg wetin be my own make i jus chop komot go make my moni juoo".. I giggled as i met his gaze and then i reliased why i waited in that place.
GOD opened my eyes to see that this people at that moment were grateful for what they had and where not worried unlike me, I complained about everything that was not working well, instead of me to acknowlegde HIM for the things that worked well,for the things HE has done in the past and the things HE is set to do. So I bowed my head and said a simple prayer "Thank You Father".

What is it that thing that is not going on well,worry not instead  Thank GOD!!!!!!!!!!..
Bishop David Oyedepo will always say and I quote "If you Thank GOD  for HIS FINGER you would see HIS HAND, and if you Thank GOD for HIS HAND, you will see HIS OUTSTRETCHED ARM"

Let us learn to worry not about anything and live each day thanking GOD, and believing HIM because HE never fails.


Friday, 24 May 2013


It seems as though this topi or rather this issue never fails to pop up these days..
So my question is For how long can you date someone before you get married to the person?
What excatly is your definition of LOVE?

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