Friday, 24 May 2013


It seems as though this topi or rather this issue never fails to pop up these days..
So my question is For how long can you date someone before you get married to the person?
What excatly is your definition of LOVE?


  1. Love is a word that's bigger than most people see it.
    I love love! lol

  2. Tnks Porsh.... I totally agree...

  3. @blog owner.....was dat dp taken during wwII?? Lolz.
    @d topic raised......i cant put a min number for d numba of years. Y? what if d person turns out to b a friend iv come to knw over the years while as friends, den after officially kick starting d love affair, it wont take long before we tie d knot.

    But for max time....mehn i no fit date more than a couple of years o_say 3 to 4 MAX... Abi na season film we de do?? Lol.

  4. Levi Onyeisi,Lmao... Actually i took that picture last yr... Tnx 4d post.. I dy tell u,no be only Season film oh,lol.
    Wot if you find out that you cant marry the "so-called friend" as in after the many years of knowing,u pray 2 God n you realise He ain't for U? What dyu do?